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Famous Bargavima Temple situated at heritage town Tamluk beside the river Rupnarayan under the district Purba Medinipur West Bengal, State , India

Old name Tamralipta port and new name Tamluk

Its a very famous and most important in historical point of view

this temple very much reach and favourite every Hindu religious.

Everyday thousand of people come into this temple and they fulfillment their nation.

So many visitors everyday coming from out of India and whole world .

This temple distance between only 85 kilometers from Kolkata and By road Howrah to Kolaghat by N.H. 6 and from Kolaghat Nimtoury more left turn towards Tamluk only 4 kilometers.
devi Bargavima



Our view : Want to advisement all social aspect in view of all sorts of socialism subject.
We develop any kind of new talents specially cultural through audio visual system.

Buddiest Ashok's daughter Sangita and son Mahindra were started from this historical place Tamrolipto Port to spred the religion 'BUDDHA' in whole Western Indian Countires.So, Tamrolipto name is a very important response all historical and reiligious concious people in the whole world.

DEVI BARGAVIMA also related with this name Tamralipto.One of the oldest and famous temple in whole India. Thousands of people always come hare to visit this old Town newly named Tamluk and Devi Bargavima. This town situated beside the Rupnarayan river and connected with Bay Of Bengal, DIGHA(renounced sea tourist spot )which distance only 95 kilomiters.

Actually we try to arrive all religious human mind this name and our dream gradually develop socio economic structure in this Town Tamluk depend on this famous Temple.


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